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KDA offers a fresh approach to the dance discipline. We provide a comfortable environment where students of all backgrounds and skill levels are able to express themselves creatively while learning the best technique for specific styles of dance.


Acro Dance

Learning the basic skills and technique in acrobatics will help dancers learn body awareness, new tricks, and strength their foundation to excel in the arts.


Afrofusion is a fun upbeat style that fuses African dance with other styles such as hip hop, jazz, and contemporary.


Consists of barre and center work. Ballet training is essential to a dancer’s progression. It develops and strengthens muscles, as well as improves coordination and flexibility. Tech boost focuses on the development of leaps, turns, and technique. Dancers will be able to use the skills learned in Tech Boost to enhance their all-around performance.


A fusion of dance including modern, ballet, and lyrical. This class takes the dancer through an exciting emotional journey in dance.

Hip Hop

Hip-hop offers learning the latest dance moves, and high energy FUN! We explore East Coast, West Coast, and South influences. It has evolved so much, and this class will uncover all styles birthed from it.

Intro to Movement

This class is a fun and playful introduction to the world of dance for children ages 2-3. We use music, games, and stories to encourage children to explore their bodies and express themselves through movement. We will also use a variety of props, such as scarves, balls, and beanbags, to help children explore different types of movement.


A fusion of technique and style with emphasis on stage presence. Jazz consists of warm up, progressions across the floor and combinations.

Liturgical  (Praise Dance)

Katura Productions, Inc. first began as a praise dance program incorporating music and movement as a form of worship and expression of art and entertainment.


Lyrical, like Contemporary, is a fusion of dance including modern, ballet, and lyrical. This class takes the dancer through an exciting emotional journey in dance.


This class will teach the fundamentals of HBCU band style dance. They will learn technique and age appropriate ‘Dance Girl’ moves.

Mommy and Me (Ballet & Hip Hop)

Mommy & Me Ballet and Hip Hop focuses on motor skills and memory. A fun activity for our tiny dancers to explore their creative and set the foundation.


Tap is an exciting style where the dancer uses their feet like drums to create rhythmic patterns and timely beat.

Tech I, II, III

Tech Boost is a class dedicated solely to strengthening your dancer's technique, leaps, turns, and flexibility. If your dancer is serious about dance and want to see faster growth, they need to join this class. The class is divided into 3 levels. You may register for the level you think, but the teacher will let you know after evaluation, what level they need to be in. 


You must be cleared by the instructor to take Pointe and/or have at least 3 years ballet experience.

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